Pamela Coy – Author

I have a Doctor of Divinity from University of Creation Spirituality – studied with Matthew Fox and other wise ones.  My dissertation was on the power of the historical novel to help us uncover our interconnections.
I received a Master of Divinity at Iliff School of Theology in Denver and a Bachelor of Arts at University of California Los Angeles.

Earthy Mystic

There is a Spirit of the earth and the cosmos that engages with us and calls us to be engaged.
As a Christian Minister for over 30 years I have studied the earth honoring, mystical theologians, Matthew Fox, Thomas Berry, David Steindl Rast and others who come from the Christian traditions and beyond the Christian traditions.  What I call the Cosmic Christ can go by many other names.  It is a the cosmic love available to all creatures.  I believe the ancients understood that.

Intuitive Historian

I am drawn (by the ancestors?) to write stories of those who lived in another time and place.  Starting with the bones of evidence, through manuscripts and archaeology I then listen intuitively.  Every life, is precious and filled with lessons for the rest of us.  I think we are all invited to tap into wisdom through the what Jung called the Collective Unconscious.

A Historical Celtic Fantasy