She is here!

With the new moon of January behind us…some may be asking…Where is the novel?

Books 2016

The good news is that Priestess of An: Falling Empire, Rising Star is now available from me, at various book signings, or by private order.   (Calendar coming)  It is also available online on Amazon in book eBook Kindle and paperback format. I’ll be working to get it into local bookstores during the next few months..

The first book of the trilogy is the updated, rewritten story now called Priestess of An: The Sacred Isle it is available in the same formats as volume 2.

My first stop with the books will be the gathering of United Methodist pastors in Mt.  Hermon, near Santa Cruz, this coming week.  I will be discussing the ‘what if’s of history’ as I make the books available.

If you would like to order the books from me contact me at –  The special  price is $15 for volume 2 and $13 for volume 1 or $25.00 for both when you order it directly from me or come to a signing.

New Moon in December – Any Day Now!!

Just a few changes internally and externally and the first two episodes of Priestess of An will be available for all to reaecopamc-72dpi-1500x2000d.

Priestess of An: The Sacred Isle is the rewrite of my original ‘Greenfire’ novel.  That novel is still available as a print book from me, or on   If you read it a long time ago (it’s been 8 years) it will be easy to update your memory with this ‘easier to read’ version.


Priestess of An: Empire Falling, Star Rising is so ready!!  This sequel is in the proof stage.  A few unexpected glitches have to be worked on.cover photo

She will be in the hands of her fans before the first new moon of the new sun.

New moons are important to her so trust her on that.

Please, please, please…sign up for the Newsletter (over there) and she will let you be the first to know.  She might even share some secrets with you,

Then her author (me) can start work on the third part of the story.  I think I know what is going to happen next…but I’m not sure…that’s the fun of getting to be the author.


A New Moon

Well it has now been a complete cycle of the moon since I launched the first novel of the Priestess of An Trilogy.   Words like ‘algorithms’, ‘keywords’ ‘platform’ ‘templates and formatting’ dance through my head as I have chosen to be an ‘Indie’ publisher.

First Priestess of An: The Sacred Isle – digital – I’m working on the print book.  It will be on Amazon soon.  I say soon only knowing that I am at the mercy of things techy.  Computers and software and websites all promise to help.

Very soon, on this site, Priestess of An: Falling Empire, Rising Star. will be available.  Sign up for my newsletter and get a snippet of the novel sent to you.  Also get my new moon ramblings.

I’ve been busy in the past month perfecting (or trying to figure out) my ‘platform’.  Authors are supposed to have platforms now.  My website, my Facebook page, I’m dabbling with twitter is all part of my ‘platform’.



She is on Amazon/Kindle!!!

With the help of the new moon – an auspicious time of new beginnings – the first volume of the Priestess of An trilogy is available!!   Simply click here for the eBook volume – The Sacred Isle.

The print book takes a bit longer.  It should be ready in November.  Sign up for updates and I will let you know when it is ready.

For those of you who read the story in The Sacred Isle as the earlier version – in Greenfire: The Deep Sacred Mystery (thank you)  this version of the story has been polished and changed in spots and my travelogue and ponderings have been removed.  So you might want to get this newer version.

The sequel is not far behind.  If you sign up for the updates I will let you know when Priestess of An: Falling Empire, Rising Star is out as an Ebook

This is exciting –

I am ready to publish the eBook on Kindle and start the process of preparing  the print book of Priestess of An: The Sacred Isle through Deep Spirit Press.  It should be out by early November.  How exciting.  It has been a long journey of researching, writing and rewriting.

Anyone who read the book published in 2007 through Infinity Press entitled, Greenfire: The Deep Sacred Mystery will recognize the story in Priestess of An: The Sacred Isle.    The story has undergone major editing and my personal journey has been removed so that you can meet Anaias, my mail character, without distractions.

The very exciting news is that the second book in the sequel is on its way to publication.  The eBook of Priestess of An: Empire Falling, Star Rising will be published in mid October.    The print book will take a bit longer.

This is a trilogy – and I am working on the sequel …